About Arkan Alazem Est

Arkan Al-Azm company was established In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Riyadh,in 2016 Commercial Registration No.: 1010494218

The Corporation operates in the Japanese, Korean and American auto parts field, as we The site is to manufacture high-quality parts with a partnership specializing in the manufacture of international brands under our brand and internationally registered (AAE) It is one of the pioneering institutions in this field.

The main center of the institution is in Riyadh and we have warehouses with an area of ​​8000 square meters in Riyadh and its branches in the eastern region We have sales representatives in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia We also have a client base of approximately one thousand (1000).

We also have a fleet of distribution vehicles and aspire in the future to expand branches, infrastructure and customers.

The company also aspires mid-2020 to sell its products in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and participate in international exhibitions in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council

General Manager

Hussein Al-Hammami


Our mission

Our mission is to provide high quality automotive products and services and to provide additional benefits to our customers throughout the Kingdom as well as to establish and maintain those ongoing and sustainable relationships.


Trademark registration certificate

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Certificate Our trademark is registered in China

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